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Volunteer/Visit us/Pray for us/Give/Sponsor a child/

Gap Year.


Whether the need is big or small we are always in need of people with a servant’s heart to get the job done.
Support us through a short-term mission trip or come to staff and work long-term with us.

Gap year:

Gap Year Programs in Metro Ministries. You can take a gap year or semester here in our ministry that includes travel to other places of Costa Rica for children ministry or other events, adventure together as a team, youth camp, extreme camp, vacation bible school. You can also travel around the country on your days off.

Visit us:

Guests are always welcome to see what’s happening, in one of our locations.
We invite you to experience firsthand our ministry in action.
Work alongside our dedicated staff or help with a special project. We would love to have you!


It is a  great comfort to know that there are people that pray for us and for our misión. we often have prayer requests that we would love to share with you. In the following link, you can give us your details to send you our prayer requests.


To cover the monthly expenses of our ministry, we need support from others. We need people like you who will join our cause and who would like to support us financially. Your monthly contribution supports us to reach children in poor neighborhoods with weekly kid's programs, vacations Bible schools land personal home visits to each child. We show them frequently that they are important and that their lives matter to us and to God.

Sponsor a child:

Every child deserves a strong start, the best chance for a successful future. Many children in Costa Rica and around the world aren’t getting the opportunity to reach their full potential. You can help change that. When you sponsor a child, you can exchange letters, photos, and prayers. You can even choose to visit the child you sponsor.
You can change a child's life from one of hardship and loneliness to one of hope and meaning. You have the opportunity to literally bring the love of Christ to a child in need.


Our goals are simple and humane: we alleviate suffering, maintain human dignity, and give the most vulnerable group (Children) hope for the future. They did not ask for what has happened to them. It is our life mission to bring back hope.

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