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Who we are:

Renate and Jose are currently working in Costa Rica. They work to rescue hurting children and young people, offering them a message of love, salvation, encouraging them to stay in school and away from gangs or other destructive, criminal behaviors so common in their communities where they live. Renate and Jose met in the missions field in 2011 and currently lead the Ministry: (Metro Ministries) in Costa Rica. Together with the staff, they serve over 150 children weekly and 30 youth.  Renate is from Germany and Jose is from Costa Rica.

What matters to us:

Obey God's call in our lives, sharing the love of God with the lost world through God’s wisdom and strength and proclaim Christ as the only Savior from sin and the only way to abundant, eternal life. (Matthew 28:19).

What we do:

We provide both physical and spiritual support to families in extreme poverty. Our project focuses on children and young people who are disadvantaged, abused, and mistreated by their families. We are currently supporting more than 150 children per week and youth with our programs.

We offer various activities for children such as Dramas, puppet shows, Bible stories, Bible lessons, games, worship songs with movement, Art clubs, vacation Bible schools, youth camps, home visitations, child sponsorship, community work with missionary teams. We meet each child, teenager, and family where they are and personally invest in their lives.  we believe that relationships and meeting physical needs are important, but only the redemptive power of Jesus can truly change lives. For children living in hopeless situations, the love of Jesus brings hope, joy, peace, and provides a foundation that cannot be shaken.

Our kid's programs and youth programs are the great opportunities of our ministry, where the Metro youth and children have the chance to meet and receive the love of Jesus for the very first time.

How we do it:

How we do some of our activities​:

Art and Crafts It is a wonderful moment where the children explore their creativity.
Arts and crafts are two quite different activities that offer our children different learning opportunities.  Working on arts and crafts projects together helps them improve their teamwork, communication, and social skills, as they will have to learn to co-operate and communicate to complete their projects.  Doing crafts and arts allows us to spend quality time together with the children and make important memories that will often last longer than the craft itself. Arts and Crafts also allow us the opportunity to talk to each other, and hear more about them, about their day, their hopes, stories, or their worries.

Vacation Bable School, Twice a year during the children's school holidays we do special programs like vacation bible schools to connect with the children in a deeper way with each one of them, it is also a great opportunity to spend with them in their free time so that they are not in the streets surrounded by bad influences but in a safe and loving environment.

Programs for Children

Our programs for children are targeted for ages from 3 to 10 years old.

The children have the opportunity to experience worship in an age-appropriate format every week, with the exception of July and the end of December.

Children attend the programs alone and with their parents. Sometimes depending on the activities, the older and younger kids are divided into younger and older kids. Our programs are comprised of prayer, music, Bible stories, Bible lesson, Bible-learning activities such as memory verse, Bible lesson review, games, and other activities. 

​Through the Year

Youth Camp, we do it every year to motivate young people spiritually and so that they too can leave their homes and their environment of emotional suffering. Outreach is events that take place in various places in Costa Rica with the purpose of supporting other ministries, with Bible schools for children, or also with community help with local people.

Signing up for our newsletters:

We love to share what God is doing in the lives of many people through our ministry. And we would love to share it with you. We send out our newsletters every 2 or 3 months. You can sign up here. We also share regular updates on our social networks. To follow us on our social networks you can check at the top of this tab.

Support us financially:

Your financial contribution is a vital part of our work. By making a donation to our ministry, you are demonstrating your partnership with us in this work with children and families in Costa Rica. 


Testimony. I absolutely loved being partnered with Metro Ministries. I enjoyed being able to interact with the community and spend time with multiple age groups of students and love on them. 



Testimony. My time in Metro was beyond any experience I could ever imagine. The joy that was brought into my life ,not only by the children but by the leaders as well will be something I will never forget. I cannot express how much gratitude I have towards Metro.



Presenting the gospel in a fun & accessible way, hundred and more children are able to attend to our children's programs every week. Through these programs as well as art clubs, home visits & discipleship programs we are a consistent presence in the same slums and able to build meaningful relationships with the children & their families. Whether faced with the 
physical effects of poverty or the dangers of gangs, violence, abuse, and hopelessness, we want to be there for our children and to show them live on a new path through the life-changing love of Christ.

Testimony. I loved getting to visit and work with Metro this past year, these people love the Lord and His children.  The impact that they have on these kids' lives is truly incredible.  Bringing the joy to these children in often hopeless situations is amazing to witness, and loving and nurturing these children the way the Father would is José and Renate's calling.  



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