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Join our team and become a life changer making a huge difference in our ministry in Costa Rica. By contributing your time and skills, our Ministry is able to help and improve the lives of many children, families, and young people in Costa Rica. Serving with Metro Ministries can be a way to use and develop your skills, put your faith and values into action, work for a cause you believe in, make the most of your time, and do something rewarding!


Children's programs


Children's programs

We are focused on investing in children, and their communities, 
long term. Most of the children face life as adults as they learned it as a child.

Our programs for children are targeted for ages from 3 to 10 years old. The children have the opportunity to experience worship in an age-appropriate format every week, with the exception of July and the end of December. Children attend the programs alone and with their parents. Let us know if you have a question.


Proverbs 22:6 
Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Youth Programs

When our children become teenagers, They are part of our Youth programs to continue investing in their lives in a deeper way.

In our youth programs, we carry out activities such as games, quality time, sports, praise and worship, Bible lessons, and other activities every week.

When they turn 14, we encourage them to be part of our team and help give back to their community by reaching younger children together! The goal is to teach them the truth of the gospel in a deeper way so they can grow in a deeper understanding of who God is.


We also do events such as youth camps and community help to other parts of Costa Rica. 


Testimony. I worked with Metro Ministries for 3 months back in 2016. This ministry changed my life in so many ways; Renate and Jose became family to me

Testimony. I absolutely loved being partnered with Metro Ministries. I enjoyed being able to interact with the community and spend time with multiple age groups of students and love on them.

Jessica & Emily



Youth Programs


Home visitation

We believe that the intimacy of visiting in the home can make parents more comfortable about opening up and identifying their needs.

Visitations are the key to establishing a long-term effect that remains on the community in which we work. The goal of the visitation is to build relationships with children and their families. It also helps home visitors to better tailor their support and guidance to the families’ needs. 

From observing the family and the children in their home, we can also build on their strengths and can also identify risk factors in the children’s growth.

Home visitation

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